Review 2907

I thought the title referred to the city Victoria. My guess was the author lived there. But no. Perhaps then it was about the queen. Ok, not just about Queen Victoria but about monarchy? The answer is once more no. Maybe, just maybe, it would be an ordinary journal written by someone extraordinary. Guess what? No again.

The coolest thing about the blog is that you can pick the design. There are 9 design options — or rather skins, as the author calls them. They’re all very feminine, up to please someone with a girlie taste (unfortunately it so happens not to be my case). They all work just fine, concerning font size and organization. The posts are organized in 10 categories, although the great majority goes under the title “General”, which doesn’t say much, does it?.

There are many huge posts, a lot of them consisting of lists. I became a great fan of lists after I’ve “read-the-book-and-seen-the-movie” “High Fidelity”. In both the movie and the book, the characters are obsessed in making lists of top 5 anything. But you just have to read this blog to understand what taking an obsession too far means. I’ve found a list with over a hundred items. By the way, there are HUGE posts. I mean it. Capital letters so you can understand perfectly what I mean.

After reading, or rather skimming, the blog, I was perfectly clear that Always Victoria could be turned into a book. I’d suggest “All the self-help, supposedly inspiring texts you’ve never read because they happen to crash into your e-mail box in Power Point files”. And you are not into Power Point files with that kind of message, especially if they have animation and mid files. Most of the posts are about friendship and spiritual issues but all presented in a quite, hm, how do I put it into words?, cheesy way. Maybe I’m being hard on the author, who by the way signs as “Sweet N Sassy”, but I’m supposed to be honest here. Or at least the editor told me so.

This is so not my kind of reading. The author does comment on some of the texts she (supposing this is a she, considering you can’t find any further information) pastes into her blog, I’ll give you that. I guess I’d have to say it’s not all about cheesy messages after all. It’s about cheesy, supposedly inspiring messages, anotated by the author. My guess is it’s going to turned into a book and will be in the list of best sellers sometime.
Always Victoria