Review 2854

Okay, a writing weblog, now this could go two ways, I thought. One, I could be extremely impressed or I could end up reading angsty, rhyming poetry about how someone hates their parents. Lucky for me, “Writer’s Blog” fell into the first category.

“Writer’s Blog” is just what it says: it is the writings of one Easywriter. While she does blog about her life, the truly beautiful and capturing entries are the surrealistic ones, that sound like poetry, and tell about random occurances, thoughts, or sights. “Easywriter” is aptly named; she has an easy-flowing writing style, it reminded me of reading someone’s diary or personal anecdote; filled with inner thoughts. This style only made her entries more interesting to read.

The entries usually aren’t very long, but there are so many of them! Sometimes Easywriter will add an entry a few times a day, so there’s plenty of reading, which makes up for the fact that the weblog is only a few months old.

The design is plain, just a mustard-colored background and text. While it was a little disappointing that it was so plain, it did work for “Writer’s Blog,” simply because then the writing was the focus. And the template was crisp, clear, and easy on the eyes with the text large and easily readable.

I enjoyed this weblog immensely, and you can be sure that I’m going to be back again and again.Writer’s Blog