Review 2841

I liked the name of this blog and it gave a great first impression with its green background and pink martinis in the sidebar. Tara started this blog in October 2004 and as of this writing has only had 18 entries–not a lot by blogging standards.

I think Tara should have waited a few more months to have her blog reviewed. It’s so bare. There are links in the sidebar that contain, well, no links. For example, she has “Books I’ve Read Recently” and then not a single link to a book she’s read recently. This may be a glitch in her blog template because it did appear after clicking another link or two. (“The 5 People You Meet In Heaven” is one of the books she’s read recently). Your template needs to work properly, especially if you’ve put it up for review.

I found the “Control Panel” in her sidebar perplexing. It actually has “Edit Your Blog” and “Build a Blog” in this Control Panel. (Huh?) I tried to edit Tara’s blog, but had to log in as Tara (I assume), so I couldn’t edit it. I don’t see a need for this on the front page of her blog and think she should remove it quickly before someone figures out how to edit and/or deface her blog.

Tara is working on her Master’s degree in journalism, so blogging is a good skill to have. She needs to focus on building that skill by posting every day and giving her readers more of herself. I can’t really give this blog a raving review because it is so new, and so far it can’t decide what it wants to be when it grows up.
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