Review 2838

The name of the blog, drew my attention until I clicked the link. What I found when I entered the site was something of an eye sore. The vivid, pink color of the background with highly contrasting links made me feel ill like I had just gotten off of a roller coaster after consuming way too many wands of cotton candy.

While I found many of the poems mildly humorous, I also discovered the majority of them to be a little bland and in need of some major touch up work. The overall idea of the blog is genuine but, it lacks many fundamentals that would definitely boost the quality of the site. Given more thought on the style of the layout and less time on the number of ads on the site, it could be a fresh approach to poetry in the form of a weblog.

The design really lacks the “user friendly” qualities desired by the average reader and would tend to force readers to exit the site prematurely simply because of the migraine factor involved. I also found it hard to view because the layout was stretched off of the screen. This could be solved by building a layout which, is friendly to most popular screen resolution sizes and browser types since many people still use the 800X600 viewing format.

I would recommend a think tank session by the author of this site possibly with an outside source who is unbiased and a complete remodel of the entire site. While the content can be improved by a few grammatical changes and a spell checker, I believe this site has some true potential if the aforementioned aspects were to be considered.