Review 2812

The Hopeful Cynic. What a great title for a blog. And a life. A very clean Typepad template, this blog started in late 2003 with some major gaps in posting here and there. Lately it leans toward political postings (doesn’t every blog, it seem?) but its design is to present ‘news’ and ‘links.’

I’d really like to know more about the blog’s author. I searched and searched and could only find his name and the city he’s from but very little else. This frustrates me about bloggers sometimes. I mean, you are out there reading blogs which are, by design, a personal journal for the world to see, and then you don’t get any of the personal info you need or want.

Why is the Hopeful Cynic hopeful? Why did he start this blog? His first post is about the Motion Picture Association of America’s war on digital piracy, which doesn’t tell you much. It certainly doesn’t explain why this blog was started. He goes on to talk about the FDA, National Public Radio, Abu Ghirab, and most other current events–even movies he has seen. His posts are well informed and include plenty of links to his sources.

With such a well designed blog, you’d think he’d want to let you in on him just a little more.The Hopeful Cynic