Review 2811

The initial impression of this blog was a good one for me. I liked the layout. It was easy to understand, the colours meshed well and didn’t give me a headache! I enjoyed the picture of the filing cabnets with the bird sticking out of one. I thought to myself that this might just be an interesting blog.

Kristine didn’t let me down. I enjoyed her posts, getting to her archives was easy, although I didn’t like the bit where you had to go to the main page to read another months archive. Kristine mainly writes about her life. It’s a blog based around her husband, child & her obsession with Victorian/Gothic style houses.

Her writing style isn’t hard to follow. The various links all work, there isn’t many links cluttering the page either. She has some pictures thrown in which I found to be a nice touch. She made me laugh with some of her posts, the halloween trick or treating put down probably my favourite.

The general gist of Kristine’s blog is personal. She writes about her life, her quirks & with the pictures thrown in, I found it entertaining.

I think this blog is worth a visit. It’s easy on the eyes & has some interesting and humourous entry’