Review 2811

Filegirl is written by Kristine, and is mainly centered on her home and family life. My initial impression was that the blog wouldn’t particularly interest me, but upon diving into the archives, I found myself enjoying it more and more.

Most posts have an illustration, a photo, a little extra something to enhance the experience. I became curiously interested to know how her daughter’s brace settled, the effect of the April Fool’s pranks, and why her mashed potato was green.

The site is quite a “girl-ish” design, but Kristine has obviously put a lot of effort into it – surf the archives, the posts all run in such a way that you’re not reading from bottom to top, and each background is different. It’s appealing.

I was definitely surprised I enjoyed this blog so much ; if you’d said “very personal blog” I’d have thought, oh dear, more “what I had for lunch” type posts, and that definitely shows how wrong the descriptions can be. Don’t judge this blog by it’s cover! It is interesting, and gives the reader an excellent view into one persons world.

Go read it!