Review 2810

Trolhel opens to a black page made even darker if such a thing is possible by the indistinct gray/brown graphic in the header.

The print is a pale red, but fairly readable. Our author describes this site thusly:

“This blog chronicles adventures in our Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition epic – level campaign. Basically, I write it down as we play the game (The adventure is actually much further than what is posted).”

I found that this blog was created in July of 2004, but could only find entries from September, October and November.

The entries are detailed character development sketches that for a non-user are rather uninteresting and disjointed. Okay, here are these characters, but what is going on with them? There are not many comments, so it’s hard to catch a thread and figure out what is going on here. There are MOD terms I am not familiar with such as an: Entropic Shield and a Hornung’s Baneful Deflector, etc, which make this blog pretty much gibberish to me.

In the sidebar there are a lot of links to things of interest to the DD player, along with some detritus like, recent visit lists. There are the usual Links to friend’s blogs and what not. Pretty typical stuff.

This is a very specialized blog that would only be of interest to the players of the game and unless I got lost in some spell ridden zone, did not find that much content.

If you are a DD player, you might want to take a look. Otherwise steer clear.