Review 2780

I must admit that I entered the weblog with a small amount of scepticism because of the title but, soon found myself enjoying the posts as if I were actually there to see what the author was describing. Each post seems as though they are spontaneous, yet thought through well enough so as not to appear to ramble about meaningless topics.

I definitely found plenty of humorous aspects to this blog. While not “gut busting” funny, it has lots of subtle bits of dry humor spread randomly throughout the posts. The overall feel of the blog is in my opinion, of someone who genuinely enjoys what he’s writing about and puts forth a good amount of thought before simply typing anything that comes to mind.

The layout is a bit generic because it is obviously a Blogger template but, it’s a clean layout without any unnecessary scripts or graphics. I believe this blog has true potential to be a daily read for many people and will attract even more folks if the layout is spruced up a bit.

Overall, I think I’d have to give this blog a “thumbs up” because it is very easy to read and follow each post. The posts are closed in a tasteful manner and there is no generic rambling to speak of. I would recommend this blog as a daily read for anyone looking for an interesting read!

Freddy From Yorkshire