Review 2777

I’ve never been to Costa Rica, though I have a friend who visited last year and raved about it. When I saw this blog up for review in the travel category I was really looking forward to it.

Frank, who has lived in the country for the last 5 years, writes Costa Rica Expat. He started the blog in August of 2004 and it seems to have been a bit of an adventure to get set up judging by several early posts. According to Frank, “the purpose of this weblog is to promote tourism and encourage folks to consider relocating or building a vacation home in Costa Rica, all of which I recommend enthusiastically.” This is not, however, what I would consider a standard “travel blog.” Instead, it’s a view of Costa Rica from a more personal perspective.

Posts are organized in several categories, as Frank has many interests. He writes on everything from Blogging to the World Economy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many posts in the actual Costa Rica category. Over the few months this site has been in existence it has evolved from its original purpose into an enjoyable account of Frank’s life and thoughts. Frank is aware of this and has recently posted that he is rethinking the blog’s direction.

The design here is simple and functional. Frank has put a lot of thought into his links, as he describes in an early post. From what I can gather, he’s a furniture builder by trade and the pictures of his work are great! It would be helpful though, if there was an “About” section or link.

Overall this is an enjoyable blog. It’s different enough to keep you interested. However, if you’re looking for travel information on Costa Rica, you will need to look elsewhere.
Costa Rica Expat