Review 2776

It’s none more black for this Florida blogger; though I find it difficult to criticize the lack of flare on the standardized blogger template: diarists aren’t expected to have a degree in Dreamweaver or HTML. Still, the drabness gets to me right away. It’s late and my bespectacled eyes are squinting to read the text. A larger font is recommended: I would stay away from the 10 pt. Times New Roman and lean closer to the more readable Verdana, which is evident in the right hand column. The layout is pretty standard as blogs go: the blogroll itself seems little lengthy for my tastes. Skimming the titles, however, I realize a local Floridian may find the links extremely useful.

The writing itself tries very hard to be sophisticated, injecting high-level SAT words where they don’t belong. It rings of plagiarism as the big words don’t jive well with the lackluster content. Neither Rachel nor Mr. Bill appears to acknowledge the other’s presence on this group blog, which is unfortunate. SoHo Tampa would benefit from any rapport the two could establish as we don’t even understand their relationship. Some sentences sport the clever f*ur letter word, or variations thereof, which doesn’t always come across as playful as the author(s) would have it. I would recommend establishing a general theme and adding this description to the site in order to aid the reader in understanding the content better.

Finally, I’d like to stress to the authors that it is so important to consider your audience when you write. To grab their attention, you must consider that new visitors will find it difficult to pickup your site in its present state: not everyone will have it in mind to search out the maiden voyage post. To other readers out there: understand that unless you live in Tampa, this blog may not apply!