Review 2770

I love a funny read, so I was looking forward to reviewing a blog in the humor category. The name “Ironpants” concerned me, though, as I wondered if this was another “wanna be” frustrated comedian’s site full of potty humor. Ironpants, however, is so much more.

Keith is a single writer in his late 20’s who lives and works in Phoenix, AZ. The reader has several opportunities to get to know Keith. In fact, the entire blog is an insight into his personality. Readers can access the “Top 10 Lists of Things I Hate” as well as a list of “17 Interesting Things About Me” with simple clicks on the sidebar.

Keith loves lists. He makes them quite frequently and is kind enough to link them on his sidebar. There the reader will find more top 10 lists along with Keith’s “Letters to Spammers.” I don’t know if he actually sends these in reply to spam, but they are definitely things I wish I had thought of! My favorite Top 10 list has got to be the “Top 10 Things I Have Learned About Women During My 28 Years Here” posted on Dec. 1st. I won’t ruin the suspense for you. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.

I could do without the postings about bad Kids’ Drawings, because quite honestly they smack of being mean-spirited. This is a new “feature” for Keith and perhaps he’ll drop it soon. He doesn’t need to resort to this to be funny. Another feature I like quite a bit is Keith’s “Weekend Report By The Numbers.” In these posts the writer breaks down his weekend for you with tidbits such as “4 deliriously enjoying conversations with the future miss IRONPANTIES; 1 email from a girl who I was once madly and completely in love with,” etc.

The blog itself is hosted on Blogger, but the template is customized. The sidebar includes links to the featured posts mentioned above, as well as the archives. I did find it a bit confusing in that the archives start at October 2003 (which consists only of the 17 Interesting Things About Me) and then skips to June 2004. Perhaps this was done intentionally to separate out Keith’s “About Me” list, and if so is uneccessary. The pictures in the sidebar are GREAT! I especially love the dog pictures. It’s refreshing to read a blogger who is not dedicated to cats. Instead of the typical blogroll, Keith has a “Reviews of Ironpants” list which give the reader a glimpse into his sense of humor. My only complaint is that the grammatical errors that appear sporadically throughout are a bit irritating. Keith is a writer afterall, he should know better.

Overall, Ironpants is a blog that contains a dry wit that I find quite enjoyable. The posts are unique and the reoccuring features are worth coming back for. While not all posts are “laugh out loud, spit milk through the nose” funny, this blog is definitely one to check out when you need a laugh.