Review 2769

Oh boy. Another blog with a cliche name like “All Grown Up?” I wasn’t looking forward to reading this one. However, it was a pleasant surprise. This blog is written by a mom of 5 boys (I know. She’s already a saint in my eyes with just those four words “Mom of 5 boys.” Egad.) It is a pretty blog with a gorgeous black and white photo in the sidebar, a good typeface and nice color scheme. I’m still wondering if she took the photo or if it is her…

It’s a relatively new blog (4 months old at this address, but she used to have a blogspot address/blog which is listed in her sidebar.) Somehow, along the way she got on some spam lists of Free Online Casinos and Free Poker sites, etc. She is inundated with posts from these places. At first, while looking through her archives, I noticed her comments numbered 30, sometimes even more than 40 comments. This is impressive to say the least. Until I went to read them, only to find them to be spammers ‘quotes of wisdom.’ I don’t see how this doesn’t drive her completely insane–especially since she says she is a born again Christian. (I didn’t think Born Agains would take to the gambling stuff too well.)

Her writing is peppered with humor but is pretty standard, personal blogging fare. You can find out some other interesting stuff about her when reading her “100 Things About Me” section. For example she homeschools her boys (again with the saint thing), used to live in Las Vegas, and likes car racing. I enjoyed her 100 Things list a bit more than her posts, honestly. But over all this blog is worth a visit.

All Grown Up?