Review 2759

This is Sara… a student, music lover and reviewer, cat lover, wry observer, and generally an all around renaissance lady. She has much to comment on in life, and enjoys doing so. She knows much about a myriad of things!

Sara has been blogging since early in 2002, and is a prolific and entertaining writer. She adds photos and links in an easily followed logical progression, and has a wry sense of humor both in her own words, and her choices of funny bits that she gleans from different sources. She is an honest and ernest reviewer of many types of music, and I’ll agree that although she willingly shares many personal insights, her reviews are often the main focus of her writing. I could easily see her as a valued addition to any music review venue, as her honest ears and eloquent words give ‘good review’… even if she (or we) don’t exactly agree with the style.

Her blog is a fairly standard templete done in an uncluttered, easy on the eyes style. The coordinated shades of green were a pretty, undistracting way to showcase her writings and photos. All her links worked easily and were quite self explanatory. She has plans to write a novel for the National Novel Writers Month in November, and I’ll be interested in what out of her large repetoire she chooses to fictionalize.
I enjoyed getting to know her through her years of growing and experiencing. I’m betting she’s a very nice person, sharp and quietly humorous.

In general, this is a most pleasant blog from a very nice person… better written then the majority. Yet, somehow, I’d almost like to see a bit more ‘edgy’ in her writing. Even her complaints are phrased so nicely, I fear she could possibly be ignored at the fast food drive up window, and get the impression she’d rarely (if ever) go back inside to complain about a batch of cold french fries, or lack of napkins. For the sweet readable design, and the very nice writing, this reviewer sends her a solid 4, and looks forward to checking in on her from time to time to watch her challenges and successes as she reaches her goals.furiousmuse