Review 2747

Petite Anglaise has a very nice photo of what I assume to be a Paris skyline in the header. We have arrived at another Blogspot two tone green template. Crisp clean, uncluttered.

In the title of the blog we find: “Diary of a thirty something in Paris”

And another little section at the top of the side bar that tells us: “Living and working in France since 1995 with Mr. Frog and more recently Miss Tadpole.”

These are perfect examples of how easy it can be to let your visitors know who they are about be dealing with. It’s not your life story. You don’t have to write a book or give up your privacy and it helps us get our bearings quickly. Kudos for elegant, no fuss introductions.

This blog has been in existence for only a little over two months, so I read the whole thing. What I found was a delightfully witty commentary on the quirky blending of English and French language and culture that our author experiences every day. There are entries describing absurd French phrases, zany office politics and odd habits of both cultures. I enjoyed myself immensely.

I especially recommend these entries to you. July 22 “Exersizing Restraint”, August 10 “Lost in Translation”, and August 31 “Positive Thinking”. The author has a keen sense of humor and expresses it in a concise manner that is a joy to read.

If I could ask for a made to order peek into another country’s language and culture, it would look like this blog. I had a great time. And I think you will too.

petite anglaise