Review 2743

Merialc opens to a very pleasant muted sage green color scheme with a photo of the seashore. Very restful and elegant. There are two thumbnail photos of books she is currently reading. I can say she, but it took me quite a bit of reading and searching to find out about the author, as there is no about page.

I know we here at Weblog Review harp on this feature or the lack of it, probably more than any other thing. But trust me, one little sentence in your header can encourage people to read further. The most cursory of reference points can go a long way to welcome new readers.

I found out bit by bit from reading the archives, that our author is an engineering student in her last year of college. And to my great joy, about a year ago, her father loaned her a camera. She set out to learn how to use it. And learn she did.

If you do nothing else at this blog, you must go investigate her photography. I was thoroughly enchanted by what I found there. I explored the literally dozens and dozens of photos of everything from a study of wine corks to wonderful shots of the English countryside, complete with artful shots of decaying castles. There is also a section devoted to pictures taken during a trip to Pakistan.

Her blog entries center around a few recurring topics. Movies and books she has seen and read, what’s doing at college, work, and a some personal observations about the world around her, all done in a readable style.

There is a link to a commercial site hosted by Cafepress, where you can purchase some of the author’s photography. A nice touch, especially if you see something in her photo log that strikes your fancy. All in all I had an enjoyable visit. And I encourage you to do the same. : Life in Reverse