Review 2734

Ubermondo is a somewhat very confusing site although a very nice looking one. I liked the graphics they chose. The description of the site reads, “The freshest news. The smartest asses.” You have to dig (and dig some more) to find the “Us” in the About Us section. That section starts off with something called a ‘Karma Generator’ (huh?) and then a section on “Banners” with some more confusing prose. Man, I was at a loss. I have no idea what any of this is about. But I kept on trying…

The site is run and “owned by Jennifer and Dieter Randolph, the web’s answer to Jennifer and Jonathan Hart.” This is their wording (from the FAQ—at last! A bit of information to go on!) and refers to the television show “Hart to Hart,” starring Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner. Funny. They also post this explanation: “ is the geek piazza. No matter who you are, you’re a geek about something… If you’re passionate about something, you’re a geek. Welcome home.” Okay. The site has only been around since August 2004. I’m wondering if it has been confusing people since then?

The site allows anyone who ‘joins’ to post whatever comment or links they’d like, thus adding to the confusion (at least on my part). During the two hours I spent there, other than the 2 owners, I saw very few other people who posted. The site has won 2 awards for things like “best designed or most original site.” I suddenly felt like the most unhip person on the planet the more I read this site.

There is no cohesive subject matter—one minute the post is tongue-in-cheek about the actor Corey Feldman, the next it’s a post about a bald guy’s club in Beijing. And, okay, a ‘humor’ site doesn’t need cohesive subject matter, but it needs cohesion somewhere. Therefore, I suppose after much reading and clicking and head scratching that Ubermondo is designed to be a bulletin board for anyone who wants to post things they find interesting or humorous. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you get your own blog to do that?)

So if you want to read random news clips found at other sites and then posted to this one with some occasional dry humor, this is the place for you.