Review 2728

Dozer’s Blog of Life and Other Observations is a clean looking blog based on the thisaway blue blogger template. It has the typical blog assortment of links, camera pics, a mood updater and guestbook.

The blog was started by Dozer in January of this year and by the end of January, Dozer had decided he wasn’t in the mood for blogging. After a the blog had a two month hiatus Dozer seems to be posting regularly. Dozer works (and works and works and works) at the Tachoma dome and often talks about how work was, such as ’dealing with the usual stuff (drunks driving, people trying to flyer the cars, etc.)’ and missing a lot sleep it seems (sometimes working 13 days in a row or ridiculously long shifts…) Certainly many of us can relate to the job that overworked us into oblivion.

The blog content reveals a bit about the author who seems to be a sensible, over worked guy who occasionally has some insightful thing to say. There are a lot of Quizilla quizzes, links to web content translators (as found in the Fo’ Shizzle entry), observations about the importance of sleep, drunks at baseball games, evil iFriends pop-ups (and really, which pop-up isn’t evil?) and the typical daily reflection of the days events. The more introspective comments, usually noted as ‘On A Personal Note:’ contain the best content in this blog. Dozer has also started a blog where he focuses on Movie and DVD reviews. It was great to see a link to the Firefox browser, but ironically when I tried loading the site in Firefox it got stuck and didn’t load completely – it got stuck on

A fairly typical blog. Some good stuff, lots of links and another take on life. I think it would be great to see more personal and insightful content from Dozer. The blog has a great start and the author has shown intent to improve it further. Check it out.
Dozer’s Blog of Life and Other Observations