Review 2719

Rather than the Grateful Dead fan site that I was expecting to find, I am reading the wonderfully written and researched blog of Natalie Davis. I notice a clean, minimalist interface and organization which makes the content easy to read.

Natalie Davis’ blog highlights progressive news and offers us commentary from her prospective. Natalie’s views are intelligent and well informed, her articles are well written and she obviously has a great understanding of the subject material which is discussed. George Bush and the upcoming presidential election seem to be Natalie’s favorite recent topics.

I had to fumble about for a few seconds trying find the links to other sections of the blog, I finally found them in a small drop down menu. The drop down menu does not stand out; this misleads readers into believing that there is only one page. There is no reason that all of the links located in the drop down menu and at the bottom of the page can not be organized into the column to the right of the articles; this would eliminate white space and make navigation much easier.

Additionally, the white background is dull. Separating the menu from the article’s main body with slight color tones and a few images would be a wonderful addition. I would also like to see more information about the author, there should be a direct link to an author profile.

This blog’s content is far more interesting than its presentation. I hope that readers do not judge this blog by its cover. It provides great insight into current events from a knowledgeable person who has an obvious passion for what they are writing about.

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