Review 2701

When I first got to this site, there were falling snowflakes. This is bad enough, but when the snowflakes have to “uncover” the words to be read… oh no. You mean I have to wait ten minutes before I can even read an entry?

Once I get over the distraction of the snowflakes, I look at the template. It’s a three column template, which isn’t seen nearly as often as the one- and two-column varieties. There are different skin choices, so I can *pick* what the site looks like. Unfortunately, all of these skins also have the falling snow. However, I think this is probably a seasonal thing and the skins are great aside from that. I love the ability to choose.

The entries are pretty short, but interesting. I really feel bad for his friend Elizabeth, and it almost compels me to click the Google ads located below the posts, but I stop myself. There are sprinkled in jokes and shameless gift requests, which I like. It reminds me of my own blog… full of random stuff that doesn’t quite fit.

There are quite a bit of extras, hence the third column. Webcams, stat counters, comment statistics, on-line users, the above-mentioned Google ads, and ten tons more stuff. While a lot of this stuff is interesting, all at once it’s a bit overwhelming. The three columns are all PACKED, and this isn’t so easy on the eyes or the brain.

Overall, this isn’t a bad blog at all, but I’d suggest that if you plan on reading it, you do so via RSS. The layout and extras could be quite distracting from the writing itself. I’m going to have to settle with giving this blog a 3, but it will be added to my list of feeds. Let’s just hope the feed is a full article rather than a summary!orange haired boy