Review 2679

Lost Together opens to a black and white photo background of a child watching some ducks in the water. The photo is nice, but it makes a rather busy backdrop for the text of the entries. A larger font size would be helpful to the reader.

I read the first entry of this blog, which was in April of 2003 and found that the title comes from the lyrics of a song that is meaningful to the author. But I could find precious little else to help me get to know who was writing. It took me quite a bit of reading just to decipher the gender of this blogger. Even the most rudimentary profile is helpful to the new visitor.

The entries center mainly around the author’s work situation. The good days and the bad days. But again, they reveal only small hints about the writer. Holding your cards this close to your chest makes for rather. . . how can I say this? Floating entries. There was very little real flow or connectedness to them. So they become uninteresting after a while. Not to say that ALL the entries were this way. From time to time, there would be one that delved into some aspect of the author’s life, or an observation about society in general. I wanted to read more entries like that.

While the writing itself was certainly clear and understandable, I came away with the feeling that the blogging was a bit of a bother, or that the author didn’t really care that much about it. And so to a certain extent, neither did I.
Now it is entirely possible that this is not at all true. But this was the impression that was projected. Ah, I think what I am trying to say is that for me at least, this blog lacked “passion”.

There are only the barest minimum of other features here. Three drop down menus with links, blogs our author reads, and the archives. All were in working order at the time of my visit.

I think this blog has the potential to become more engaging if the author chooses to share more openly. Just because there has been a certain pattern up until now, doesn’t mean things can’t change. After all, in the immortal words of Scarlett O’hara, “Tomorrow is another day…..!”

Strange and Beautiful