Review 2676

Believably Blog has a kind of 60’s style Blogger template that was not unpleasant to encounter. The green and white with orange accent looked rather harmonious. As you scroll down you are left with two shades of green, which has always been a soothing look in my book.

I began at the beginning, as I am wont to do. I found that the archives start in July of 2003. The entries are sparse for many months. Sometimes one, two, or three entries for an entire month. They focused on work and relationship issues and were frankly rather uninteresting. But as we move closer to the present, our author seems to be finding his blogging legs, so to speak. Rather than complain about some petty aspect of his life, he decides to “come clean” and tell us what is really going on.

This is when I began to connect with the author. And this blog is actually a textbook example of the evolution that can come about by keeping a diary. For a while it’s just bull s _ _ _. And that might go on for quite some time, but at some point you realize, Who am I fooling? I’m going for the truth. Even if it’s ugly, or painful.
Not everyone reaches this fork in the road. But our author seems to have come upon it and struck out into new territory.

It was interesting to see this pattern of growth. And it just confirms to me that blogging can be a valuable tool for self-discovery. It takes time, and commitment to write.

Just one little annoyance in the design department, the sidebar does not seem to have enough room on the page and appears below the last entry. I’m sure all that is required is a small adjustment to set this right.

There are other portions on Believably that I will not comment on except to say that there is more than just this blog. There are links to a number of other pages, Links, Stuff, Silly Stuff, Britany watch, Report, etc. that contain other areas of interest for our author.

I hope that the trend of openness continues here. Not only will this be useful for the author, but it will make for much more interesting reading for the rest of us.

Believably Blog