Review 2658

When I initially had a peek at AWesome, I thought “Oh goody! A computer blog with a more personable edge!” after noting the cute baby picture that’s proudly displayed on the blog. Was I ever wrong. This blog is designed as a sort of how-to for using ActiveWords, a Windows scripting software and that’s pretty much it. Fair enough, says I. The blog’s written by a lady from the Netherlands by the name of Marjolein who seems to have an obsession about Active Words (hence the blog all about using it).

I popped on over to check out her bio. Her 30-second elevator pitch reads as such:

You probably ended up here because you are curious what the AWesome blog is all about. The 30-second elevator pitch on AWesome is that it discusses tips, tricks and undocumented features of the software tool ActiveWords.

And true to form with such blogs, what you see is what you get! For ActiveWords users, this blog would probably be a dream as it’s written in clear, concise, straight forward English which I’d assume would be great for newbies and pros alike. She’s gone so far as to put in images and examples demonstrating the software and how to use it in conjunction with various other tools. Sadly, I can’t review her personal blog (because Marjolein asked for AWesome to be reviewed) but some other information, such as her being a surrogate mother was also listed on her bio and that was a real eye-opener.

The blog itself could use some help in the organisation side of things as it is very messy and the design doesn’t suit the purpose of Marjolein’s writing at all. I found myself getting dizzy trying to access all the entries. It’s quick to load on a 56k connection and the whole layout has been done in a very basic fashion, but that’s about it. Oh, and it’s very yellow. I believe that such a blog calls for a cleaner, more structured interface so that people looking for tutorials and tips would be able to find things and not get a headache from all the yellowness.

All that said however, I believe that this blog is a great beginning as a technical resource on the web!