Review 2657

Whew! I’ve been to the Wilson’s, and I’m ready for a nap!

It’s a Wilson Thing has a pleasant color scheme of teal and lilac that appealed to me. Very soothing and calm colors. How very deceptive though! This place is FULL of action. The three column format of course is not my favorite, and unfortunately there are a huge number of links on either side which just distract from what turns out to be one heck of a family circus.

Our author is an American in England, living with her military husband and their 5 girls. Evidently such large families are rare in jolly old England because she seems to take a fair amount of flack over it, poor thing. They seem to be handling their situation just fine, with joy and humor thank you very much.

The entries are loaded with photos, mostly of the children in all sorts of humorous and adorable situations. With the exception of the rather graphic photos of the ravages of the chicken pox that frankly was a bit more information than I needed on the subject. But the writing is full of good humor and homespun philosophy that is a rollicking good time. This is a Mommy Blog on steroids. I had a ball reading descriptions of a typical morning getting 5 girls washed and dressed and fed breakfast, the aftermath of one of the little ones “helping” with soap in the dishwasher, and a cute exchange between the author and her husband in an intimate moment. (May 9, 2004)

As an American myself, I especially enjoyed the photos of the English countryside and towns, and I am VERY jealous because I want to go to the Lavender Tea Room on Market day with the author and her friends!

The blog also has a recipe page and separate pages of photo albums that were fun. My only disappointment was the excess linkage. It was just a bother and seemed to clutter up an otherwise perfectly delightful family web page. Let your writing take center stage!

It’s a Wilson thing