Review 2656

The first thing that caught my eye was the nifty color scheme. I’m a huge fan of dark backgrounds with light text, but only if it’s easy on the eyes. This one is. This site has a very simple layout that pulls your attention right in to what matters the most, the entry text. The banner really caught my eye and grabbed my attention with the following description:

“Brought to you by your neighborhood misanthropic, buxom, bondage-positive, bipolar, bisexual, skydiving roue.”

I most enjoy sites who’s authors I have much in common with and this sounds like my kind of site! (There is a reason I journal anonymously, folks. I wouldn’t want Granny Gypsy finding all my secrets!) I was interested in diving right in and seeing what the author had in store for me. My excitement doubled when I read the “About Me” page and found the author shares my sign. However, I was mighty disappointed that there is little more information than that.

What is with the bloggers of the world and not giving the reader a first glimpse at who’s journal they’re reading??? I want to know the basics. I want an interesting “100 Things About Me” or some other variation of “this is who I am.” Suggestion: add more information to your “About Me” page. I understand that you want to remain anonymous, but you can give the reader a little insight into who you are AND still maintain your anonymous cover. Plus, you’ll hook a lot more readers.

This journal is raw. It is expressive, understandable, intriguing, and wonderful. I do have to say it is a bit like a car wreck that you can’t look away from. In my first few moments of reading, the author went into a dramatic explanation of her mental afflictions, her desire to cut herself, the experience of getting her nipple pierced and experienced a freak accident while she was instructing sky divers. I’m out of breath just reading this stuff!

The author has a way with words that allows the reader to experience whatever it is she’s going through. The words she uses grip at you and make you understand. On top of it all, she throws in just the right mix of humor. She holds nothing back and lets it all out in an amazing manner. She manipulates her words and forces them to dance to the music she writes. She has control.

Opening this blog is like stepping into another world. A world full of shameless sex, the search for the next surge of adrenaline, and the demons that pursue the writer in her head and in her emotions. The author is disturbed by her own ghosts, animatedly alive, and soul searching deep in her entries. This blog is not for the faint of heart. This blog is adult rated. There are sexually explicit entries and links to other sexually explicit sites. The entries are extensively thought out and served in the manner of a great steak dinner. One is expected to savor and enjoy each word handed to them while anticipating the next course.

Regardless of the “no holds barred” manner of writing, one gets the feeling that the author isn’t quite as self-assured as she may lead you to believe. She is astounded by the positive way some people view her. She seems to be a mixture of so many attributes that the end result is unlike any other person to ever blog, much less exist.

The site design is perfect for the content. The layout pulls attention into the entry text, where it should be. The design doesn’t distract the reader from what they come to this site for, the writing. There aren’t a lot of bells or whistles, but this site doesn’t require any of that. It is enough to simply stand on it’s own good merit.

The author lets you into her world while holding back any identifiable information that may lead to recognition in the “outside” realm of blogging. She is a very private person. She is a very secretive person. Yet she comes to her blog to unload the idiosyncrasies that she feels defines who she is. She’s extraordinary. And yet, she’s just a typical person living a life that she has chosen to morph into something that is alternative in a number of ways. She is the best parts of all different worlds, rolled into one human being. Even the “imperfections” of her mental deficiencies define who she is and how she writes.

Again, this blog isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re going to find adult content in the ways of sex, mental afflictions, and life in general. The author is extremely explicit in her writings. I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to break out of the little box containing who they are as a person and explore the other options that life has available. I’m not saying that you have to become a skydiver, a bisexual, or a bondage addict, but it is refreshing to realize there is a broader world out there than most of us are accustomed to.

This is one blogger I would love to have over for dinner.

caught in my burble