Review 2652

Upon arriving at ‘Misc Karen – Taking the Dumb out of Random‘ I was greeted with a fresh spring coloured blog templated journal. The author, Karen, describes the site as ‘ offering my rambling musings in the hopes that I will get a bit more disciplined about writing and journaling.’

That certainly makes sense. Karen is an English Literature grad from Notre Dame (Go Irish!). This raised my expectations…which weren’t groundless. Misc Karen is a well written, engrossing topical blog with entries that occasionally have an inspiring motivational essence to them. At the start of the blog she had recently moved to California and was looking for work which would surely be enough to keep anyone awake at night. Karen was no exception. She used some of this financial worry induced insomnia to write some very honest down to earth entries about where she wants her future to go and the reality of her current situation.

The content varies… sometimes daily reflections, politics (there was a great ‘Open letter to John Kerry), an amusing celebrity one night stand list and how to react when you receive a preachy e-mail from mom with a subject entitled ‘agree or delete’. Phew…. I felt comfortable reading Misc Karen… there were no hidden agendas or pedantic rants but some clever reflections on the world around her. Karen seem eager to get a readership and I certainly believe she deserves it.

She is the ‘Mean old lady’ that became ‘a Pretty Lady’. (Read to find out what that is about, -smirk-) Misc Karen is the enjoyable and accessible read of an evolving writer who has a bright future ahead of her. The dumb is clearly right out of this random.Misc Karen – Taking the Dumb out of Random