Review 2627

I clicked on the link to the diary. I was greeted by black and white. Stark. But it served to showcase the bold statement – My Life Is Better Than Yours, a statement that is ripe for a challenge. Oh yeah, I think. Prove it! Already I am intrigued.

I started off with his bio entitled Super Timmy D Boy which gave me some basic information about him plus a spoofy photo of some outrageous body builder’s body with Timmy’s face pasted on top. Cute. In the bio is a FAQ list that includes statements like this: I don’t think your life is better than mine. A. It’s okay to be wrong. That pretty much sums up the super self-confidence that you are about to experience at Timmy’s place.

I began my tour of the entries with the Timmy’s Best link, which is a nice feature in a diary by the way. It’s very handy for the new visitor to your site. Oh my! In no time at all, I am laughing out loud. This guy is hilarious. Raunchy, irreverent, politically incorrect, macho….and hilarious! Here’s a quote from an entry about attending a birthing class with his wife:
….my only goal in taking the class was just to learn how to duck when the wife starts swinging during labor. Pray for me.

I read several entries from the archives that were written in a one line dialog style that were very funny. In the older archives there seemed to be no comment function, but in the latest months there is. He has a fairly large number of commenting readers, which is a good recommendation for his diary in itself.

I cannot find fault with this diary unless you are a person who likes a lot of visual stimulation from your blog browsing. At Timmy’s it’s all Black and White. And in my opinion, it works with his writing style.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and after reading the rollicking, good natured, if testosterone saturated entries, I am left with the embarrassing possibility that his life actually MAY be better than mine!

My Life is Better than Yours