Review 2624

Welcome to the new adventures of the tie-dyed Avon Lady. I had to laugh when I came across our latest site to review, Beauty Dish, simply because I used to be a beauty consultant myself, so I know all the joys of trying to meet specific sales quotas in order to earn a decent wage. However, I have never seen a blog about such things, so I thought it would be an interesting change from the norm.

Unfortunately, whilst the blog is off to a very nice start, it is extremely new – as in just started in April new. It is this reviewers opinion that to be reviewed properly, one has to build up a decent number of entries so the reviewer can get a good idea of the style of writing, the theme and quality of the posts, the bloggers staying power, that sort of thing.

Anyway, that said, I went to have a look at the first couple of entries to find out a little more about Birdie. Like so many Avon Ladies out there, this particular Avon Lady is a mother wanting to make some money on her own time and terms. She writes:

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to read the classified ads, hoping for the perfect job? One that has the same hours at the elementary school, that allows liberal sick days and time off for school plays and parent-teacher conferences? One that pays enough to make your house payment, buy groceries, plan for a week of camping in the summer? “

Ah, if wishes were horses then beggars would fly. Two weeks in though, and Bridie seems to have slipped into the Avon niche quite well. What made the reading even better is that she has a very fluid, entertaining way of writing that made the blog easy to read and surprisingly, I found myself really wanting for there to be more to look at – hence my profound disappointment that it’s such a short blog. In further entries, Birdie goes on to talk about the products she’s selling (she’s in the process of testing them herself) and documents what she does and doesn’t like about each, getting over her fear of meeting people face to face (it isn’t easy!) and in general, what she likes and dislikes about the business.

The site looks neat and very uncluttered – as one would expect from an extremely new blog. The layout is pretty standard and nothing exciting but for the pretty header graphics. There aren’t that many links, just a few favourites and a smattering of links to various blog tools. There’s nothing that I can pick at really, though I would like to see Birdie include a bit of an “about me” section so her future readers can find out about her a little more in depth, and I’d love to see a snazzy design that reflects the theme of the site a little more (though what she has is now is perfectly acceptable).

It’s my hope that this blog does continue with regular postings, as I believe Birdie may be onto a winner here, especially with the way she writes. Incorporate the blog into her personal site, as well as her e-trade site for Avon and she will have a very good business network. Good luck Birdie!Beauty Dish