Review 2624

Beauty Dish? What was I getting myself into? Being a male who is starting to find the benefits of “products” namely due to Queer Eye, I thought maybe there would be something for me here, but I doubted it.

When I got to Beauty Dish I was greeted with a banner that said “True underground adventures of an Avon lady.” I knew I was in for a ride. I thought this was a great idea for a blog, explaining the ins and outs of being an Avon lady. Seeing the good things and the bad things. And most of all seeing the obstacles and her over come then.

Birdie is a recent entry into the world of selling Avon products. Her children are in school and she was looking for a job that would give her the benefit of the hours she needed. Most jobs do not allow you to work partial days, let alone take time off when your kids need you to stay home. Obviously the choice is simple: be self-employed.

Birdie posts about her struggles with being a saleswoman, product reviews, stories of her pets, and of course about her kids. My favorite passages are about her learning to sell the product. She has a fear of going door to door, which I can’t blame her. I am sure, in time, she will be much more outgoing than she is now because of this job experience.

The design is very basic. A nice banner at the top, and a two-column layout make up this blog’s design. Unfortunately it breaks in my browser of choice (Safari) and the second column is below the main posts. I also have a problem with the archive system that Salon uses. I hate having to click on dates to see what is posted. Her calendar gives us the ability to see an entire month’s worth of posts, but even that wasn’t 100%.

If I had to pick out a downside to this blog, it is how green it is. The blog has only been open since April 8th and there are many directions in which she could take it. So far she has stayed on track with what her title says, and I hope she manages to stay on track.

I could not justify giving this site any more than a 3 because of how new it is. The concept is great, the execution is great, but it is only one month old. How do I know if this site will have lasting power? I don’t. Will I continue to check this site out? You bet. Can it earn a higher score than a 3? Given time definitely yes. I think Birdie submitted her new blog to help promote it. There is nothing wrong with that, and I hope she re-submits in a couple of months so we can see her growth.Beauty Dish