Review 2604

The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Person doesn’t look like much from far away and I imagine that most people who spot it will be like me and be instantly turned off by it. But my first encounter with this site was much like a caveman’s first encounter with a Raptor egg. If I had listened to my primitive reflexes and ran away, I would’ve never enjoyed the sweet, creamy, yellowy yolk that lay within.

There is no actual “about me” page (the about me page is actually an archive of posts that appear to have been written before she started using blogspot), but if the Alberta license plate avatar on the front page and her recent posts about the Calgary Flames are any indication, the blogger, Kaetlan, hails from Canada. The blog itself is a regaling of her daily adventures in and around her town and humorous personal insights on various subjects. From time to time, Kaetlan mixes it up a bit and lists things like, “22 Things I’ve Learned Since I Became A Massage Therapist” where she mentions how her clients think she’s actually a prostitute.

The design of the site is nothing to do cartwheels over. It’s a blogspot template with links and archives plastered on the left side of the page and the body of the blog on the right. Posts are archived by month, so you have to read through quite a bit of text if you’re searching for a specific post. Extras include a small Photo Album, an Amazon gift registry, and a mini store that sells clothing with her design on it.

The eyes are not treated to anything shiny or attractive when first visiting The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Person, but upon further surfing of the site you feel anything but disappointed. In fact, I felt quite warm and fuzzy in the end. No, her corner of the web isn’t lined with fluffy wool or filled with teddy bears. To be more exact, the site is, as she put it, “an insidious, subversive, positively Communist site devoted solely to the purpose of providing a forum for the Author’s ill-considered and unwarranted megalomania.” While not as Communist as it is insidious, The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Person is a blog even Joseph Stalin would enjoy. It is a lighthearted view into a young Canadian woman’s day-to-day life that is good for a few chuckles. I give this site a 4.0, but it could score higher if she polishes up the design a bit.The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Person