Review 2559

What in the world is xequa? How does one even pronounce xequa? More importantly why should I read xequa? Unfortunately the only question that got answered was the last of those three. But thankfully that is the most important of the three questions I had going into xequa.

The author of this blog is a 26 year old white male as he calls himself. I assume the picture on the site is him based on other pictures on the site. While the picture doesn’t really do much for me, it does give me that little bit extra background info to make me want to dive into the site. Why this picture?

Before I go on about the blog and its tender goodies, I must address the design. The site is using a three column layout with white text on a black background. Now normally I wouldn’t mind this color scheme, but the font size is insanely too small. I thought this was due to my browser of choice at the moment which was Mozilla. But after getting so tired of squinting, I switched to IE. Still it has the same problem. Finally I loaded the site up on my mac and I could actually read the site. This is probably due to the fact that the author is on a mac, and thus makes the site work for his machine.

But enough about the design, lets get onto the goodies. The entries them self vary a bit. There is a fair amount of political talk, personal life stories, short little standard blog posts, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink (though there is a picture of a bathroom sink). You have to hand it to the author, as he does put a nice spin on some stories that need to be poked fun of a bit, and tells it straight when not to. Overall his entries are entertaining, and that is a good category for him to have put himself in.

As far as extras go with the site you have a couple of options. First like most bloggers now a days, he has a photo album online. But unlike most, the pictures in this album are solely black and white. Maybe this is to go along with the design of the site, maybe not. He is also pimping out his cafepress merchandise on the blog which is actually interesting to look at. Finally he has a latest mirror picture on the site to give us that much more.

Overall I enjoyed my time at xequa. Other than the font size chosen for the site, my only other complaint is that the blog started in August. There are a large number of posts to read, and it really doesn’t take that long to read them all. This site left me wanting more, and now I have to wait for it.
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