Review 2538

Work with fools? If you do, then its likely will be the place for you, somewhere you can read or anonymously share work related stories about the foolish co-workers and bosses we all deal with daily – an idea I found particularly appealing. The design of is familiar to many I have seen. Site introductions include a mission statement and a brief about us, both of which set the reader up nicely for the sort of posts they will experience here.

The site itself has been around since Friday 13th June, which seems appropriate under the circumstances, but the first few posts are mere alerts to site launch dates and design alterations. In effect the first posting was July 6th. The entries vary tremendously in length and quality, but this is to be expected from a blog open for anyone to submit a piece. One thing is clear however and that is I really believe this project has some real potential. There are some hilarious postings, and I found quite a few which reminded me of my own experiences in the workplace.

As I said there is something familiar about the design, there are some touches which define it from some of the others I have seen, namely in column size and spacing, but I could swear I have seen this design several times before – or at least similar designs. That said, its bright and reasonably well laid out. It doesnt really fit its subject matter well enough but is not overloaded with graphics which take an age to load – a definite bonus for those blog readers who are still on a 56K modem or a slow network. I particularly liked the ‘Boss key’, useful for those readers who need a quick escape while viewing this site at work. Its easy to navigate, reasonably good to read and has no real design flaws to speak of – although Boss Key could do to take another form, it gets annoying after a while.

Speaking as someone who has experienced far too many fools in the workplace I find the idea of this site particularly appealing. Its frequently funny, always enlightening and definitely speaks to people who have shared similar experiences. The whole notion behind it is great, especially because it draws in experiences from so wide a spectrum. Given a little longer with some good promotion I can really see this blog lifting off, especially if they attract a wider variety of writers. Variety will definitely be the spice of this weblog. With work this site has promise – a promising 4.0