Review 2513

When I clicked on the link and saw that it was a “blogspot” blog I would be reviewing, my heart sank. Without wishing to be libellous or anything, I don’t like the adverts, I don’t like the fact that the archives rarely work and if they do, they display random lines of code as well and finally, I have come across very few “blogspot” blogs which have a half decent template.

However, it serves me right for being judgemental because this one was certainly an exception. The template looks good. I mean, he has his own title bar, appropriate to the domain name, (the title of the blog is pronounced “Radio” by the way) and he has even personalised his comment boxes with a nifty dog cartoon. The overall look of the site is professional and tasteful, despite the adverts at the top. And yes, blimey, the archives do work and even the permalinks too!

So on to the content then. Well it didn’t take me very long at all to warm to the author and his writing style. His postings are very easy to read, self effacing, witty and personable. Most of the posts (with the exception of a couple of movie reviews) are anecdotes about his life and what he is getting up to. There is no “About Me” page, but it is quite easy to get in to the head of the author because he is pretty open about things. Also, go check out his photo blog too- the guy is a professional photographer as far as I can gather and he certainly takes some groovy photos -would be nice to see more.

Mostly though, his postings are funny. Some of them are really funny, in fact I defy any reader not to laugh at this particular entry or many of the others. I mean, this guy could do stand up with a few more stories like this, (although with his fear of public speaking, that might not be such a good idea after all). The strange thing is, he also calls himself a verbal retard, though this most certainly NOT the case. I found all his postings to be extremely well written and honest.

This is a new blog and the archives only go back to September, but it is updated frequently and given time, this blog could score a five without too much difficulty at all. I also took points off because, lawsuit or no, the adverts do get on my nerves and also there seemed to be random numbers and letters found in the middle of some of the words- for example “… one time th B68 at really…” and “…I lov 1104 e you…”. Not sure what is going on there, but it could do with being sorted really. All in all though, a great start to blogging and although I am a sucker for the more personal, unpretentious kind of blogs, I reckon most people would get a lot of enjoyment from what’s here.R80o