Review 2513

My first impression of this site was, I have to say it, the dog. He reminded me of the dog from Little Rascals. I was also curious what exactly R80o was, but needed only to look in the archives to find out that it was another name, until another blog with the same name (different spelling) was found. The writer enjoyed this new blog so much, he changed the name of his own. Properly pronounced ~ radio.

The site itself is a standard Blogger layout, which has neat clean lines and is pretty easy on the eyes. The additions of textured colour to parts of the template were a nice addition to something we have seen a thousand times, making it a bit more personalized. The only issue I had with the design itself was the links. Black on green was a bit hard to read, especially with font so small.

R80o itself, was extremely well written. It’s simply a personal journal, written with just enough detail that any reader feels he knows enough about the writer to really “get” the story. Each new entry is written with real feeling, and a good deal of humour, encouraging you to keep reading, and has left me waiting for a new post. The writing itself is intelligent, but light and each post has been thought out and shows emotion and detail to tell he really cares about what is being said, not just posting for something to do.

One of the coolest things I found on this site was a link to the Blog-tography. Here you can view pictures, or register and post your own for others visiting this blog to view. I also found the links to other’s blogs interesting reads, some I have saved in my own list now.

Overall, this site is good read for anyone. I laughed almost the whole way through some of the stories, especially the one about K Mart. You’ll know what I mean once you read it. There is no real group who would enjoy this more than any other, as long as you’re ready to have a good chuckle. Based on how much fun I had reading this, and keeping in mind the link issue, I am giving the site a 4.