Review 2467

This is truly a site that is easy on the eyes. Clean, logical lay out, and colors that compliment and provide easy reading. The only thing I would count against this author is the little emoticons in the middle of the text; I found that to be the only distracting mien of the overall appearance. Taking into consideration the young age of the writer though, the presence of these is not surprising. What I found particularly appealing about the look of this blog was that the reader has the option to change it. The “Skin this site” tab will tell you all about it should you meander that way before, during or after reading the entries.

Spotting the profile link on the left side, I headed that way hoping to find out more about this author, and where he is coming from. I was disappointed there, in that there were only links to other sites, no bio at all. While this helps to see the things the author likes, it gives no insight to the author. At the bottom of the blog itself, there are archives which go back to April of 2003. Now comes the however. As a parent, I would not want my own children putting information I would look for in the bio of an online author, so while remarking on it, I’m not counting it as a strike.

This blogger is a young and apparently avid computer user, and from reading past entries has a grasp on hardware and software realms that the average user of his age does not have. Many of the entries are oriented to the world of computers, and most other entries are related to his school and scouting. I was disappointed though, that during a trip to Spain and India last year there was so little about the locations he visited posted. The exception would be his July 29, 2003 entry in which he colorfully paints a picture of the sights and smells he encounters. When readers head over to his photo section, they will find pictures that will give a more complete telling of his travels.

After reading this boys blog, and I’ve commented the same to him, he seems to be the kind of person I would hope that my own boys would have as a friend. As a mom, I’m recommending this blog for my own kids to read. This would come under the personal category of blogs, and while I find it interesting from my point of view as a parent with children the same age of this boy, I’m not sure that everyone would find it as interesting. I’m taking into consideration the age of the author, and the talent and maturity he shows for that age in giving this a rating of 3.0.

Chinwags from Abu Dhabi