Review 2462

Well, there are text links on the left and boxed links on the right. The text is in a pale coloured box in the center. I must admit, that I personally thought that, because of the left hand side, it looked a little messy. The links on the left almost merge into the text boxes. Aside form that, it was pretty clean cut. I did keep finding myself drawn to the right links though! I feel a bit uncomfortable writing that as the author is website consultant!

John has handed in his notice, got rid of his desk and bought himself a new laptop. Sounds like a big change is brewing in his life. He mentions a new job, but there is no real information on that yet. He teases us a bit I think! He talks of a blind date that he had, but again keeps us in suspense! He posts about personal events that are happening in his life with some technical information. Sometimes he refers to the news, and he was obviously really moved by the major fires that took hold in October. He has posted a beautiful photo to add an edge to his heartfelt post.

The author, John, does a lot of technical work and website consultant work, so I feel that I have to be quite carefully with what I say! I must admit that I do really prefer the right hand links in the boxes. I like them as they stand apart form the main blog. I can see why he does not have the same on the left though as it may well squash his text content.

You can enter your email address and sign up to get notifications of when this blog is updated. The blog contains some interesting technical posts, though some of them were over my head! I also like the little links sections for thoughts. The car and food only have an entry or two in the, but I liked the concept. It is nice to pick interests to you and read all about them.

I enjoyed reading this blog. I enjoyed having a wander round the links, though I did get lost in some of the technical links and posts. I like the category links box, and the nice simple easy to use archives. I found the posts interesting, and some of them gave me a real insight into John’s life. I liked the mixture of his topics, and have to say that I really enjoyed my visit to his site. I wish him well with his new laptop and job, and hope that the blind date with Christy goes forward in leaps and bounds.

John Speaks