Review 2451

First things first – the last word in the title is misspelled. That never leaves me with a good feeling as I begin to review a site.

“Words from the Super-Villian” is hosted on BlogSpot, so naturally it takes a bit longer to load then most sites and visitors are initially greeted with a typical BlogSpot banner ad. The author’s done a bit of work to the layout, however, using red, white, and black as its primary colors, along with a piece of somewhat original, I’m assuming, artwork for the header logo. Several links adorn the left-hand side of the weblog, with the posts falling in the middle of the page, just like a typical weblog layout.

There happened to be quite the abundance of posts about professional wrestling and Playboy playmates, and for the sake of variety, the author covers several of the technology topics that are out and about and every now and then, you get a sports post thrown in the mix. Obviously, there’s a little something for everyone.

Most of the time, the author leaves readers with a link and a few original thoughts about the link and that’s about it. Sometimes, like with the Ten Commandments of Hip Hop, the author just copies and pastes an entire article into his weblog. Then again, there are spurts in July where the author posts nothing but links to external sites – no personal thoughts, no feelings, no opinions.

Throughout the site there were several files available for download. The files have an .nfo extension, and despite my noble efforts, I was unable to figure out exactly what kinds of files they were and the relevance they had with this weblog. There’s a separate section just for these files listed on the header menu, so I’m assuming they were of some importance and served some purpose.

Depending on the month, you may get a post every day to read or you may only get to see the author update once a week. I get the impression that when “Words from the Super-Villian” began, the author only planned on updating it whenever the mood struck. After a couple of months, however, the posts start to become more frequent, like it was something that was actually thought about on a more consistent basis as opposed to just think of it every once in a while.

After finishing the archives of this site, I could only leave feeling as if I really didn’t gain much by visiting. It’s not a terrible site, and while I didn’t run away screaming, I also don’t see myself coming back. The topics that were touched on were from all ends of the spectrum, which definitely adds a good bit of variety; however, nothing’s really focused on enough to make readers think the author really cares about what’s been written – with the exception of Pro Wrestling and Playboy models.

Super-Villain Style