Review 2449

Dave has a Typepad blog with a fairly effective design- a nice picture at the top and it is easy to read. Looking through the posts, Dave obviously has difficulty with the more technical aspects of blogging and I guess that if his skills could improve, his blog would be a lot more striking than it is at the moment. There are a few typos and duff links which could be tidied up too.

Now Dave, the sole author of this blog, is 16. There are 100 things about him in his “About Me” page, which he obviously found trouble filling (with humorous results!) There are loads of photographs which improve the blog and let the reader in to the life of the author more.

As I was reading the blog, I was reminded very clearly about what it was like to be 16. All the posts are of a personal nature and most are fairly short, which means you could get through the archives in about 45 minutes quite easily. The trouble is, being 16 everything seems rather boring. I am sure in actual fact, the author’s life probably isn’t boring at all- he has some interesting views on music, goes to see quite a few films, has a healthy social life and girlfriend. Most importantly, being 16 he is about to enter in to (potentially) the most exciting years of his life.

Unfortunately though, because the author thinks his life is boring, this is reflected very much in his weblog. More detail would liven the posts up a great deal- there is lots of potential here which would be improved if the author only had some faith that people want to read about his life in glorious Technicolor detail. He clearly has a sense of humour too, which should be built on.

I was also disappointed to find out there was a separate private blog which needs a password. Take a risk Dave, and put some of your private blog up for us all to see!

Now I am sure being 16 isn’t easy- I know I was a mess of hormones and insecurities at the time. However, growing up could make for great blogging if the author could put some more effort in to the content and give us some juicy stories and observations to get our teeth in to!

And one more thing, whoever started the “Friday Five” questions should be shot. Finding out what is in your bathroom cabinet does NOT make for interesting, creative blogging!