Review 2434

The author of has no idea why she is blogging; she openly admits this at the top of the page. I wonder if it is true that to be treated you must first admit to having the disease.

Scarlet’s site has been around since March of 2003, and has done well to establish itself within that period. Posts are frequent and involving, and are classical blog material, true to the essence of the blog: links to external articles, with commentary. This is one of the major uses of blogs: in the early days, a weblog was a way to comment and share opinions on news items, popular editorial columns, other sites, and so on. Networking was big – huge even. Nowadays, many blogs have moved away from their roots and have become personal and limited in their scope.

Scarlet is an Australian, so a good deal of the news reports are relevant to her hemisphere; this is great – there are few enough Aussie blogs as it is, so one that is updated frequently with interesting comment and analysis is a welcome addition to the net. However, finding information about the author herself is a somewhat complicated matter.

Beyond the blog, the site is also home to a reasonably funny photo archive (housing very few photos but with a nicely done mock-404 page); on the left of the blog is a list of sites Scarlet frequents, followed by some choice quotes (famous, I believe).

The design is adequate but breaks a little in Netscape, with some overlapping content; the site’s title could have been more memorable, proving that for Westerners at least it is necessary to include vowels in our writing (though it is easy enough to guess what the ‘hidden’ meaning is – I think). Also, it isn’t possible to browse the archives by month, as I would have liked, despite there being links to each one – these are broken. Instead, you can view each article, one at a time, but this is a tiring process.

Overall, Scarlet’s site is a readable, Aussie-centric affair that will cater to most tastes. Personal posts are infrequent and often cryptic (congratulations are in order, if I have correctly interpreted October 8th’s entry). is a good starting point for learning about Australia from within.