Review 2431

I like Flash. I always have. (ok.. I’ve developed in flash…:P) So when I come across a site that *tastefully* utilizes flash I’m naturally quite impressed. is such a site. Using a simple flash banner at the top is neither combersome or distracting, but rather enhances the flow of a clean, well structured web page.

So I dove into the Archives… Oddly the archives pages are listed differently than the main blog. The archives are one long list for each month, which is a great overview. It took me a minute to figure out the archive navigation. To advance to the next entry you click on the ‘title’ of the next entry at the top of the page. I think this should somehow be made clearer. Such as Next Entry : Cable and Previous Entry : Birthday photos. Just a suggestion. It functioned fine. Just isn’t apparent since I didn’t write the blog. πŸ™‚

Jay writes about things he does and enjoys. Like programming, the Internet, playing with flash :), his family, pets, vacations. His writing is clear and easy to understand, sometime a little techy as well.
Such as this on

‘His website was the first website to inspire me to start learning Macromedia Flash.’
Ironically I had the same experience. I still remember the crazy voice overs and, sports car animations from Hehe.

There are also some more personal reflection, such as this sentimental reflection about his vacation in Okinawa:

“What is it about Okinawa that I love so much?
Well, I can say its just about everything. I love the Atmosphere, I love the people, I love the roads, the buildings, the trees, the flowers, the warm weather, the language, the hospitality, the culture, the beach, the island, the stores, the nightlife…There is something about Okinawa that just gives me this warm, comfortable, happy, free feeling. I love Okinawa. When I am there I am happy and carefree. I can feel it in my heart….To experience Okinawa, hearing the sounds of Okinawa, the smell, the touch, to see it in front of you, you can feel it. It can’t compare to reading about it and seeing its pictures. The pictures represent a moment in time, that we try to capture and remember again when we view it, but to actually FEEL it and experience Okinawa, is incredible.

Until I live in Okinawa again, I will keep it in my heart and keep dreaming.”

The blog content is heavy with GREAT web developing links (heh, thanks man – not everyone shares their great finds πŸ˜‰ ), images and web goodness. I think anyone in web development would benefit from pursuing Jay’s blog archive. There are also many parables, and some entries with some religious content. Not my cup of tea, but may appeal to other readers. From one entry:

“Religion has basically two strikes against it – it isn’t true and, instead of making people more tolerant, compassionate and humane, it
seems to have precisely the opposite effect.”

Dig and you will even find a recipe for Tempura (batter fried veggies). Mmmm. Tempura. I found it interesting to follow his documented court case with the massive toll fines. Gah! In spite of my obvious personal geeky bias -grin-… I think that most people would enjoy this blog, especially the tech savvy among us. An enjoyable, useful, colourful, engaging blog which I will definately be bookmarking. Great job Jay!The Blog of Travis Morgan