Review 2398

My initial instinct with regard to this blog is that it’s very simple. There’s nothing out of the ordinary, unless you count the “parental advisory” logo at the top of the blog. While I take this with a grain of salt, this may be forewarning for visitors that are faint of heart to not venture this way.

I avoided the recent entries in hopes of getting a feel for the author from the previous archives. I started with the very beginning. It is right for him to put the warning on his site, as there is a bit of language. For the most part this author sounds like your typical teenager with normal dislikes and likes. He talks about a concert that he went to and all the fun stuff that he experienced when Kid Rock came on stage, and the closing number with Aerosmith and Run DMC. This author speaks about how he’s “bored” more often than not, and he uses a lot of slang, so if you’re not up to speed on the language of the youth today, you might need a slang dictionary to decipher what this author is actually getting at.

Some of the entries are interesting enough that as a reader you’re not bored as well, but a lot of them are the same “hum drum” that most younger bloggers write about. He’s not a bad author, he just has a tendency to write as though he’s talking to one of his “homies,” and while some are “down wit da lingo” other’s might not understand.

The design is very basic. It’s black with white text and red links. A visited link turns blue so you can’t read what it is after you’ve clicked on it. The titles are bouncing marquee’s which is annoying for most people who want to read some content. The archives, however, work, and so do most of the links (though there aren’t many of them).

There aren’t many bonus features on this site, which is kind of sad. There’s no “about me” page, there’s nothing to give you a little more understanding of who this author really is. If you hope to find a little bit more based on the entries, then you might find yourself reading an awful lot for nothing in particular.

The good content is hidden somewhere, but it’s rare and quite far between. The bouncing text is distracting, and the language is often hard to get around. Lucky for me I understand what most of it meant, but even then he used the strange spellings. I would’ve scored higher if there was something more to make this site worth a visit. Without being trite, this site is hard on the eyes, in more ways than one.The Illusion of Safety