Review 2393

This blog immediately caught my eye as something rather interesting. The title itself, “How to Become a Hero” sparked my curiousity. I read on to find entries titled “Spirituality at the Supermarket Checkstand” and “I’m a Buddha; You’re a Buddha”. This looked to be quite an interesting blog.

According to her about page, C.J. Hayden is the best-selling author of three business related books. She is a professional speaker and business trainer. I guess you could say that she is the female equivalent of Tony Robbins. Her weblog keeps her readers updated on conferences and other appearances she is making. It also has plenty of informative and insightful entries as well as links to others with like-minded ideas. Having started in June of this year, the blog is relatively new. One of the things that impressed me right away about C.J. was her humility as a blogger. In her entry titled “New Weblog Showcase,” she talks about how her blog is entered in a best new blog contest. She then discusses the blogs she would vote for, and doesn’t include herself. I was very impressed with this because most blogs I’ve been to (mine included) are always begging readers to vote for them in some sort of poll or contest.

As far as her informative entries go, C.J. talks about a lot of different issues, but she likes to talk about spirituality a lot. She talks about many different faiths and philosophies and provides many informative links. She also talks about her own personal writings, such as her “Steps to Become a Hero.” Overall, I found the weblog to be a great read. I would have liked to see some more discussion on the site, but I am sure she will have more people commenting as her audience grows.

The design of the site is a simple two column layout with a header on top. It works very well for the blog. The entries are very easy to read and the colors go very well together. The site is easy to navigate and everything appears to be working properly.

In addition to her blog, C.J. has two other pages. There is an “About” page where you can out more about C.J. and the work she’s done. There is also a “Resources” page where you can find articles she has written and links to purchase her books. I think a feature that might prove useful for this blog would be a forum to discuss topics brought up on the blog.

Overall, this is quite an interesting blog. C.J. has lots of interesting ideas. I would probably visit this blog once a week or so. The design is nice, the entries are well written, and the content is captivating. How to Become a Hero