Review 2361

One thing that I am sure after three years of reading my reviews you, the reader, would figure out certain pet peeves of mine. So now all of you loyal readers are going, “Uh oh. Which one is this?” The splash screen. Why? Someone explain to me the purpose of a splash screen on a blog, or any site for that matter. On the plus side the splash screen doesn’t look bad.

Onto the blog. We have your stereotypically blog by a twenty year old male who is at home for the summer. I am assuming he is at home because he is talking about how school starts soon and all that fun stuff. Recent posts are about how much work sucks and guess what, a year before, he posted very similar stuff. No big surprise.

The gems of the weblog itself however fall under the lyrics for songs. He writes his own songs, and while most of them I cannot imagine the music that would go with, others I could. I can hear the point of the songs which is really cool. I am glad that Zach is sharing his talent with us the reader.

The design of the site is interesting. Remember that splash screen? Yeah the image on there is at the top of the main page. We have a three column layout with the center column being used for the blog and other content of the site. The problem is that the center column is in an iframe which can be annoying for scrolling. There are some broken links in the navigation area which is somewhat annoying.

The archives unfortunately do not carry the same design as the rest of the site. They are in your standard Movable Type archive template: white background, black text. The only plus was that it was very easy to navigate through the archives as at the top they had links to the previous months.

Overall we have a standard blog with a little bit of flair. If the links actually all worked, and the design was consistent I would be able to give it the 3.5 or 4.0 rating it could earn. But unfortunately there was too much inconsistency to grab my attention to want me to come back for more.
words: in search of something more