Review 2360

My initial reaction to the site is that of “simplicity.” Nothing jumped out and made a great impression on me, but the site had a very different feel to it which I couldn’t place an actual word on. Maybe it’s the colors, or the large contrast to the link colors. It might draw more readers if there was something a little more to grab someone’s attention.

Initially thought this was more of the “personal” type of blog, but as I started reading through the recent entries I realized there was a chance this blog might be considered “news” instead. That being said, I started to think I might find more about the author through the archives. Starting with the oldest month I realized that there is a definite change in the feel of the blog from the older entries to the current ones. The older entries are littered with the controversial and newsworthy. All great things, but I was hoping for a bit more insight into the author. He litters the weblog with many links to many different kinds of things, ranging from politics and religion, to things that could easily take up a lot of “fun” time. The weblog itself is extremely well written in clear English. His rants are worthy rants and his news is often very interesting.

There’s nothing breathtaking about the design of the site. The “all white” background can be a bit of a strain on the eyes, but more so the link colors on his sidebar are difficult to read because the contrast just isn’t quite right. It’s simple, but everything seems to work correctly.

Some of the better features of the blog are that you get a feel for the author based on the out-going links and the other random content on the net that he posts about. I easily found myself visiting a lot of the external links to see what he was talking about and what made them so note-worthy in the first place. It’s easy to find that the author has a very eclectic sense of humor based on these links.

The overall feel of the blog is almost lost. There’s not real point to it, be it that it’s meant to share news, or have a more personal atmosphere. There’s a scattering of everything there. My honest opinion is that this blog isn’t meant for the younger reader. Some of the entry subjects probably can be placed in the “adult content” category. It doesn’t feel as though the blog is the kind that I’d visit on a regular basis, but it would be the kind I’d stop in and read once in awhile.this is the samaBlog