Review 2334

Apple Coda is the weblog of Duckwing, who, if he had his way, would have us all doing this: Take your hands, or just one so that you have one left to scroll the screen with. Now bend your thumb and little finger down into the palm of your hand so that your three middle fingers are left sticking up, kind of like E.T’s hand. Now you’ve definitely got three fingers up, not two? Good, because two fingers would make a peace sign, and we all know how horrible peace is, don’t we? Now spread out those three fingers to make some sort of a W and wave them above your head. Feeling stupid? A lot of you will be, because that’s how Duckwing tells us we should show our support for George Dubya.

Duckwing loves Bush. He’s also darned proud to be American. And he thinks we should all be just as patriotic as he is. As I’m English I’m not sure where that leaves me. He mocks one of his links, World War Bush , saying, “We hate George Bush. We like childish name-calling. Perfect.” Meanwhile, he calls liberals,”hippy bastards.”

If whilst perusing Apple Coda you forget where Duckwing’s true loyalties lie, there’ll always a reminder along in the next post. This more than bizarre entry, for example, “I kicked the guy on the ground a few times as he started to get his bearings…and I left the scene, full of pride for being an American.”

The sad thing is, I don’t think he’s joking. What a waste, because if his opinions and perceptions were intended to be humorous or ironic, he’d have all the material he ever needed to rival The Simpsons.

There is no page about the author, which I really felt was needed, considering how full of personal opinion the site is. A standard Blogger template is used because it reminds him of painter Wit Piet Mondrian, and so he chose it over a custom layout. It’s nice to have this explanation, because at least this way it gives the template a connection with the author. The page did take several minutes to load, although the author mentions that he is aware of this problem.

If my reaction to Apple Coda seems a little strong, it’s only a reflection of the how strong the opinions on the site are. And there is very little else but political opinion. Duckwing states everything as fact. There is no room for those who see it differently. Those that do are stupid. The emperor is wearing clothes. So if you didn’t enjoy all the finger waving, my feeling is that you won’t like what you find at Apple Coda. But if you’re an avid supporter of Bush and you feel that kicking someone in the head is what American pride is really all about, the link’s right there. Go nuts.The Apple Coda