Review 2278

So you’re in your room, cranking out top 40 songs on your stereo while surfing blogs and you say to yourself, “I’m sick of all these trendy, pop songs. I need to find some new stuff and see what other folks think is good.” How about pointing your browser to is a site about music and a group of folks who have opinions about music. The site has gone through several layouts over the last few months, which made it a bit difficult to follow; however, I liked the vocal posts given on music. The bands discussed and reviewed are mainly non-mainstream (e.g., Ben Folds, The Flaming Lips, The Lemonheads, etc.) artists, but if you check out the bios of the critics, you’ll find that their tastes in music vary.

You’ll get to read up about what these guys think about up-coming albums by other artists, including concerts and current news. They sometimes post albums they just bought to let readers know what they’ll be listening to and reviewing soon. I also liked some of the recent posts contained other reviews from other sites were incorporated into the review.

Other perks to this site are the sections where you the reader get to voice your own opinion on music. The “recommended” section is cool because you can post a quick review of why people should check out an album. I personally found “The Top Five” section funny where you can post the top five of anything you want. Some folks posted the usual “Top Five Songs” type lists, but I liked the more creative lists such as, “Names My Friends Have Given My Vehicles Growing Up” and “Types of People I’ve Seen at the College Gym” lists. “Zog’s Mix” section’s cool. You can check out what stuff Zog (creator of the site) and other critics have put on mix CDs.

This site’s pretty cool and the fact that it’s an interactive site gives it extra points. The organization and layout could be much better and the content in some areas should be moved to other sections, however, the ideas and opinionated critics is what makes this site worth visiting. Check the site out if you’d like to read up on some new music. I think this site will totally be rocking in a few months after some tweaking is done.

Two thumbs up.
E-zog…Confessions of a Former Pop Junkie