Review 2254

Woodencracker is easy to navigate and nice to look at. There are probably more pictures than words. And this, in the middle of lots of overlong and needlessly complicated blogs, turns out to be refreshing. But in this point also lies the downside of this type of site: lack of content.

There are lots and lots of nice photographs that fill the blog in the middle of posts and in monthly archives. The photographs are of great quality and many are really interesting.

The navigation is clearly something the author cares about, and it’s greatly appreciated by a reader. Things are easy to find and work smoothly, except for the webcam, at least during the time I visited.

The design feels just right. Very clean and intelligently chosen. It fits the blog nicely. The look of the site is important to the author, and it shows hard work, and probably lots of natural talent.

The posts themselves fall obviously into the journal category. Brian writes down daily activities and situations and the photographs play an important role in this weblog. But sometimes I just felt lost in the middle of 20 pictures and almost no words.
The posts are well written, and don’t intend to be very deep or insightful. They are clear and simple.

To sum up, Woodencracker won’t change your life or the way you think. It won’t even try to. But if you want to read a nicely designed, smartly written and carefully constructed journal with some beautiful pictures, this is one of the good places to begin.WoodenCracker