Review 2235

I am always a little skeptical about sites based solely on frames with no other options available, but this site’s layout manages to be simple, crisp and clean. The background is easy on the eye, attractive and manages to not distract from the content – essential if you main selling feature is the quality of your content.

The site is easy to navigate, with a large text menu on the right hand side. Sadly one of the links was broken (Writing Style) on the day I visited, and this is always a little frustrating to visitors.

The blog itself is interesting, and gives the reader a real insight into the inner workings of the author’s mind. In essence it is a personal journal rather than a blog, full of everyday occurrences but the quality of the writing is such that it can hold you captivated through the very dullest event. There is also a pleasant mix of journal entries and examples of his writing ability – poetry. The real beauty of this site lies in the various links, which I would recommend – poetry, text and side projects being of particular interest to those who enjoy fairly good literature.

The site is benefited by an interesting ‘about me’ section, and a ‘site purpose’, both being enjoyable to reader. The site originated with a clear purpose ‘to furnish this space with at least half decent literature’, and this he does achieve.

Overall the site is pretty good, the real attraction for most visitors I feel will lie in the poetry and text sections. The writing is good and with design is fair but well structured (although the broken link does require a fix). If you enjoy reading sites which manage to encompass journal entries and literary skill in the form of poetry, then this site would be for you. The site will most likely to draw a loyal crowd of regulars whose interests are similar to that of the authors.
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