Review 218

How does one go about reviewing a site they have read for almost two years? Its like trying to review a movie that you acted in, or a book that you wrote. It just doesn’t seem to flow no matter how hard you try.

I have seen Wendy go through countless designs, some more imaginative than others. I have seen her struggle with issues at work and in her life. I have seen her go from living in one state to living in another. To say I have seen it all would really not be true, but I have seen a lot.

So rather than do a standard review and go through specific things about her site, I will go through why after all of these years I have continued to read her site. What is it that she has, that has been able to keep my attention?

For starters, Wendy is original. She has her own style and her own presence. Now I have never met her, but I know that her web persona must carry over into the outside world. Or is it that her persona from the outside world carries over to the web? Either way, it is all good.

So how is she original? Yes she faces similar problems that most people face in their everyday life. Things like attending work, dealing with co workers, dealing with crushes, and those sorts of things. But rather than go into boring details about it, she puts spins on the stories. She gives people nicknames to fit who they are. These include The Gambler, The Crush, and Mr. Moneybags.

Wendy is also able to convey a story very well. She writes with the idea of wanting to picture the moment. What? Huh? Ever read a good book, that didn’t have every single detail, but had just enough of the facts to get the picture across? That is how Wendy writes.

One of the best things Wendy has to offer is her other projects, be it a full project or a mini one. Her main mini project is photography as she is obsessed with her digital camera. While the pictures won’t win an award, they are a good addition to the blog.

Her other main project is Hottie of the Month. She got bored of people talking about hot people, so she created her own version. Anyone and everyone can be a hottie, just ask.

Over all Wendy’s site has been one I have stuck to because she is so easy going. The site is enjoyable to read and has plenty of reasons to keep coming back. If you don’t believe me, look at her participation last year in the blogathon when she posted 48 different toilet pictures.