Review 218

I don’t know who the guy casually lying on the chair is, but I find him very attractive! My first view of! The domain name itself sounded familiar, but I realised that my expectations were quashed when I started to read (which is a good thing!) Although the text was fairly small, it was an easy read.. something that I personally tend to look for in a blog. Its easy to comprehend the simplistic nature of this young woman from Minneapolis from reading the first few lines.

It had only been two minutes, and I’d already gathered a lot about her including work, music tastes & that glue sticks are better than conversation hearts. I don’t even know what the former is! Subsequently entertained by the list of unusual referrers which I can easily identify with.. (believe me, Wendy!)The rest of the main page was fairly consistent in writing style and contained a varying amount of daily life topics most of which are kept concise & in small paragraphs. Highly appreciated!

The layout of is common to most weblogs. A large space on the left for the blog material and a sidebar containing links within and external to the site. Easy to navigate so effective in that sense, however I like a bit of originality.. something that will prevent me from having to scroll down and up for (what it seems) miles in order to breeze through the sidebar. Luckily I can’t really complain with Wendy’s site as the main links were at the top, few as they are, they proved a bit of nice reading.

I became slightly confused as to why she has a password protected section & giving out the password to those who email her or who know the name of her pet cat? Its likely that those who would be interested in that section will be closest to her & perhaps even be implicated in her blog (hence the retributions??), otherwise I don’t think your average reader would bother too much. I identify with her need for privacy however seems that releasing the password so freely (as it seems) isn’t really the way.

Having read some of the ‘100 things’ and a few Deuce Bigalow quotes, I found it difficult to get back to the index page without using the back button on my browser. Perhaps a homing link somewhere would help, unless I’d missed it? I also read some archives which were equally entertaining.

Her entry subjects are derivative of the events surrounding her existence, and example being her grandmother’s fight against Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma & questions a variety of theories about God & whether actual prayer will be listened to and dealt with. Her love affair with Best Buy (workplace amongst other things) is obvious, & spreads throughout the entries; but its work & we all identify when things just don’t go our way. In contrast, a few posted conversations make a change from direct paragraphs.. almost like reading a play! Namely the brief meeting with the attractive cop, (second one she’d been pulled over by that same day). That particular entry concluded with some tasty sarcasm. Thats what I like in a girl! One of the funniest entries I stumbled across was a series of responses to a spamming representative owned by a web hosting company. Its unusual for one to reply to spam, thus any further response deems hilarious, as indicated in the entry.

Wendy is also the brainchild of Hottie of the Month, a website dedicated to nominated non-celebs as well as keeping to her eventful journal. She could exploit her creation a lil bit more by putting a link on the sidebar.
In all, is worth more than it implies, but I sense I need for some more interactive material & more of an incentive to return. However for a passer-by, it’d keep you hooked for a